How COVID-19 Spreads

Coronavirus disease spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. 

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COVID-19 symptoms are similar to influenza and other respiratory illnesses. Common symptoms include:

  • dry cough
  • fever
  • fatigue/extreme tiredness

Symptom of serious illness include:

  • difficulty breathing
  • pneumonia

If you have symptoms:

Provincial Regulations

To view the most recent updates for Albertans on COVID-19 please click here and to view Alberta's Relaunch Strategy please click here

Provincial Regulations

      Stage 1 allows some businesses to resume operations starting May 14 with enhanced infection prevention and controls in place.

      Lifted restrictions

      • Retail businesses like clothing, furniture and book stores.
      • All farmers' market vendors.
      • Hairstyling and barber shops.
      • Cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars can reopen for table service at 50% capacity.
      • Some scheduled, non-urgent surgeries to resume gradually.
      • Museums and art galleries.
      • Daycares and out-of-school care, with occupancy limits.
      • Day camps, including summer school, with occupancy limits.
      • Post-secondary institutions will continue course delivery, with flexibility for in-person delivery once the existing public health order prohibiting in-person classes is lifted.
      • Places of worship and funeral services, if they follow sector-specific guidance.
      • Dog parks and playgrounds, unless restricted by municipal authorities.

      Continuing restrictions

      • Gatherings of more than 15 people indoors or more than 50 people outdoors is not permitted, unless otherwise identified in public health orders or guidance, such as workplaces, places of worship or in restaurants.
      • Gatherings under these limits must follow physical distancing and other guidance.
      • Public attendance at businesses, facilities and events that have close physical contact is not permitted, including: arts and culture festivals, major sporting events and concerts.
      • Movie theatres, pools, recreation centres, arenas, spas, nightclubs and gyms will remain closed.
      • Visiting patients in health care facilities will remain limited.
      • In-school classes for kindergarten to Grade 12 students will remain prohibited.


      Progression to Stage 2 will be determined by the success of Stage 1, considering health care system capacity, hospitalization and ICU cases, and infection rates.


      Stage 2 will allow additional businesses and services to reopen and resume operations with 2 metre physical distancing requirements and other public health guidelines in place.

      Lifted restrictions

      • Potential opening of K-12 schools, with restrictions.
      • Libraries, with restrictions.
      • More surgeries scheduled, including backlog elimination.
      • Services offered by some allied health disciplines like acupuncture and massage therapy.
      • More personal services like artificial tanning, esthetics, cosmetic skin and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facial treatments and reflexology.
      • Larger gatherings permitted in some situations (number of people to be determined).
      • Restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars continue operating at reduced capacity.
      • Movie theatres and theatres, with restrictions.

      Continuing restrictions

      • Visits to patients in health care facilities will remain limited.
      • Nightclubs, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will remain closed.
      • Arts and culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will not be permitted.


      • Travel outside the province is not recommended.

      Progression to Stage 3 will be determined based on success of stages 1 and 2.


      Stage 3 timing will be determined based on health indicators. Some restrictions and enhanced protection controls will remain in place.

      Lifted restrictions

      • Fully reopening all businesses and services, with some restrictions.
      • Larger gatherings permitted (number of people to be determined).
      • Arts and culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will be permitted with restrictions.
      • Nightclubs, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will reopen, with restrictions.
      • Industry conferences can resume, with restrictions.
      • No restrictions on non-essential travel.

      Continuing restrictions

      • Physical distancing restrictions will be maintained.

City of Chestermere Updates

To view the City of Chestermere's latest updates, please Click Here and to see the Cities recommendations for online resources Click here

City of Chestermere Regulations

Community Requirements, Restrictions & Closures

  • Inside your home, any current permanent residents along with members of your immediate family and any assigned caregiver can congregate together, as long as the total number of people inside the home does not exceed 15. Immediate family members are a person’s parent, step parent, guardian, spouse, adult interdependent partner, child and/or sibling and spouse and children of a sibling.
  • Contractors for household maintenance are permitted inside a permanent dwelling provided they have been pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms by the homeowner using these questions, and they must wear a face mask while conducting business inside the dwelling. 
  • Anyone who goes out in public must remain at least 2 meters from another person. The only exception is for members of your immediate family (as defined above).
  • All outdoor organized sporting activities are prohibited, including but not limited to soccer teams, football teams, baseball teams, rugby teams, sailing schools, water skiing schools, etc. However, immediate family members can utilize sports fields as long as parents are responsibly and closely monitoring their children, and encouraging them to practice safe physical distancing (staying 2 metres away from any person who is not an immediate family member) and not congregating as per provincial rules (no more than 15 people gathered in one outdoor space.
  • All public and private events, festivals, markets, garage sales, yard sales, bottle drives, block parties, and any activities of a similar nature are prohibited and suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • All playgrounds and playground equipment, skate parks, bicycle parks, basketball courts, and tennis courts are closed.
  • All municipal buildings closed to the public except for the Eco Centre. Read more here.
  • The City has established a confidential hotline for residents to call if they see a business or individual not following provincial or local regulations (403-207-8143).
  • Non-profit groups may no longer gather at physical locations. That includes the Chestermere Recreation Centre and the Synergy Centre for Community Leadership. We know that many of those groups have already moved to online programming, and for that, we thank them. The buildings in which they meet are closed.

Re-Launch Stage 1 in Chestermere

The City of Chestermere will be entering Stage 1 of the Provincial Re-Launch starting on May 14. 

 Resources During Isolation

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