Glenda Gard

Born in Manitoba and raised on the family farm, Glenda has always found the beauty and inspiration in Mother Nature’s paint brush. Glenda lived in various parts of Manitoba in her adult life when in 2005, after her 2 sons had graduated, she decided to move west and make Calgary her home.

Glenda has always had a desire to paint. Her art career started many years ago as a single mom when she became a certified ceramics teacher opening her own business in Manitoba. As life led her on the journey of life, Glenda lost touch with painting, the art of ceramics, and the crafter circle. Glenda’s artistic talents followed her through flower arranging and bridal bouquets to cake decorating and many various crafts in between. Using these talents in these forms of art were fulfilling, but still there was a void deep within.

In the fall of 2016, Glenda picked up the paint brush immediately finding what had been missing from the soul. Glenda has not put the paint brush down since finding inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of Mother Nature and her love of animals. Glenda has created some family portraits as well as some family favorites for various friends and family. As retirement approaches Glenda will only find more time to continue her works of art.

Her only wish is for you to find a piece of yourself in one of her paintings!

If you have any questions or would like to get into contact with Glenda, she can be reached at
403-818-4273 or