Maninder Kahlon

"I grew up among the hustle and the bustle of a busy metropolitan city. My days were governed by the hectic flow of the city; from dawn to dusk I would hear cars and other automobiles honking as they whizzed by. My artistic interests first took flight when I was a child spending my summers at the farm. It was among the green fields and the livestock that I started to ponder the nature of it all. Why things appeared the way they were and how in the busyness of life we forget to notice the beauty in the little things around us. Being a self taught artist I have had the privilege of learning and experiencing first hand the frustration that comes from trying to create a simple sunset - the complexity of colours and shadows required to create something so magnificent which we all but take for granted. My art helps me appreciate the subtle nuances in nature that we all tend to overlook in our day to day life. Living in Alberta I let nature be my muse and try and paint natures beauty as I see it."

Maninder Kahlon, BSC,MD,CCFP

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