Sandre Kunimoto

Painting has been an adventure through the back door for Sandre. Three-dimensional work was her forte - specializing in ceramics, raku and primitive firings, but painting kept popping up. Upon retirement, Sandre decided to pursue painting.

She discovered the Chestermere Fine Art Guild two years ago from a swimming buddy of hers. Her subject matter and techniques are very sporadic, as she tries different approaches and methods. She still hasn't found her niche yet, however, her love of nature gives her inspiration. Working in acrylics wasn't a random choice, as she was told it is the most forgiving.

Painting is very therapeutic for Sandre. Observing life in different light, hues, shadows, textures and forms is fascinating to Sandre. She keeps adding to her skills and knowledge and appreciates learning from others.

She feels that learning is good for the soul, no matter your age or skill level. It is her hope that you enjoy these pieces of art from her journey of discovery, and perhaps start one of your own. For more information about her work contact Sandre at (403) 285-1879.