Violette Clemente

Born in France, Violette lived most of her childhood and adolescence in tropical countries around the world before settling in Calgary. Her many travels have been a great source of inspiration. She says “The play of light and shadows, a touch of unexpected color, these are images that spark my imagination and motivate me to paint.”

Violette paints in both water-colour and acrylics. She also enjoys the challenge of experimenting with other mediums “its all about finding new ways to express myself” she says.

She is an active member of various Art Associations. Participating in Exhibitions and competitions have provided a variety of opportunities for her to critically examine her work and to fully appreciate the work of her peers. These engagements help her grow and learn. Some of these exhibitions include Juried shows with the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Calgary Stampede Western Art Gallery and at the Leighton Centre.

Artist statement
I fell in love with water-colours when in 2006 I began to take art courses for the first time. What attracted me to it was the luminosity and transparency difficult to duplicate in other mediums. It is also the most unpredictable, unforgiving medium, but it keeps on surprising me and the wonder never ceases.

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