Read for 15

Libraries across Alberta reach out to encourage citizens to read for 15 minutes for Family Literacy Day. The Read for 15 challenge was created by the NWT Literacy Council, and has been promoting literacy since 1987. Chestermere Public Library has joined the Read for 15 challenge and the goal is to highlight the importance of literacy and promote reading in the community.

Literacy skills are put into practice daily: reading grocery lists, your Facebook news feed, the local paper, a book, traffic signs, maps, or even a restaurant menu. Continuously flexing your reading muscles has been proven to reduce stress, expand vocabulary, improve memory, focus and concentration, and develop deep analytical thinking. It’s a rewarding recreational activity too.

The Library aims to create enthusiasm about reading for youth and adults alike and we encourage friendly competition between communities, businesses, or public services to help spread the word about the challenge and the importance of reading.