Graphic Novel and Manga Club

If you love reading Comic Books, Graphic Novels, or Manga and are interested in participating in an online group of people who enjoy it as much as you, then this is the perfect group for you! We will be enjoying a variety of different Graphic Novels or Manga throughout every month that fit our chosen theme!

Currently we have two clubs running, one for teens (13-17) and one for adults (18+)

Here's some information about our club:

  • Each month, our Comic loving Library Assistants will choose a theme for discussion. (ex: New series, Superheroes who aren't Marvel or DC, Web Comics in Print, etc.) 
    • To see our list of themes we have done click here!
    • To request an invite to our Discord please click here! 
    • You can see our rules for the Discord here
  • You can also check out our e-resources for even more comics and manga that may not be at our library

Junes Theme is Sunday Funnies

We welcome everyone to discuss some of their favourite comics that started as news strips!