How Do I Place a Hold?

First, access the catalogue at

Type in your search terms (book title, subject, author, etc) and click on the GO button or press ENTER.

On the list of matches, click on Where is it? to see what libraries have a copy. If the item is not at the Chestermere Public Library or our copy is out, click on Place Request. If you are not logged in, at this screen you need to enter your library barcode (no spaces) and your PIN number. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your home telephone number.

Click Login and the system will confirm your request.

Choose the library where you would like to pick up the items when it becomes available--TRACpac usually defaults to your local library location.

Click Request.

If you want to search for more titles, click on return to search results. If you are finished using TRACpac, click on Logout to end your session.

If the library material you want to borrow isn't available through the library's online catalogue, you can request material to be brought in from outside of the TRAC system.

Search for and place holds on materials from any participating Alberta Public or Academic Library with the Relais D2D Inter-Library Loan service. 

*Please note that ILLO requests may take significantly longer to fill 

When your hold arrives at the library, you will be contacted by your preferred notification method (phone, email, text message). You then have ten days to pick up the hold. If you no longer want the item, please call us at 403-272-9025 so that we can send the item on to another customer or back to its home library.