Exam Proctoring Information

Exam Supervision/Proctoring Services


Chestermere Public Library is happy to provide exam supervision services. Please note the following before booking an exam:


  • Fee: $40 per exam (applied at time of booking, to be paid by the student).
  • Staff do not sit continuously with students during exams, so students need to confirm that this is acceptable with their educational institution.
  • Chestermere Public Library will do their best to provide professional librarians as proctors; however, due to staffing constraints, on occasion other library staff may supervise exams.
  • As the library is a public building, the exam proctor and the library are unable to guarantee a noise-free environment for exams.
  • Exams must be scheduled with library staff at least one week in advance of examination. Changes to exam times by students will be considered but not guaranteed.
  • Materials must be received by the library at least three days in advance. If these materials are not received in time, the exam will be rescheduled or canceled.
  • Exams may only be written at scheduled times, and the library reserves the right to decline or cancel proctoring any exam at the library’s discretion.
  • Exams must be written during open library hours.
  • The library will provide a laptop for online exams if needed.
  • You, as the student, are responsible for following the rules set forth by your institution.